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2002-11-17 15:52:13 (UTC)


The other day i was w/ my friend Erin,we were
watching some stupid movie when she comes skipping through
the hallway yelling..."you wanna get high niga???" i was
like ya so her friend nicole came over w/ this other girl
kim and we all smoked out...

it was fun i hadent done it in so long
o by the way if u guys wanna e-mail me these r my e-mail
address's :[email protected] and
[email protected]

so anyway when i came home my mom was hugging me yet
sniffing me too im not stupid!!!lol but she couldent tell
then when i went to my dads house he was smelling me and he
said "u smell good" lol o wanted to laugh but didnt.'

i remeber the first time i got high and went home i was
acting like me and my friend were playing tag so i ran into
the house so she wouldent-(my mom)-try and sell me.i was so
fuckin scared!!!

well got nothin else to really say so later-