The Eye Into My Soul
2001-08-17 18:16:16 (UTC)

Back to School...

I've been back at college for three days now and it's
almost as if I never left. Of course, I live in a different
room, with different people, in a completely different
building, but I still feel more at home here than I do at
my parents house. I can't really explain it. Maybe it's
just that I don't know anyone where they live except for
people that I am related to. There is no one for me to go
out on the town with because I don't know anyone.

I love my parents and it's not their fault that I don't
like it at home and would rather be at school because I do
miss them when I am not at their house. If I had known they
were going to move when I came to college here I may not
have come here. At least then I would have went to Purdue
and known some people who live there, but now that I am
here I am glad that I came because I have great fun with my
friends here.

The day that I came back down here... a long 6 hour drive
by myself... YUCK! It was so hectic on campus because
everyone was trying to move back in and parking around here
really sucks! I kind of wish my parents had come along to
see my room and stuff but then again I am glad they didn't
because everyone would have been in a bad mood from the
long drive and the traffic on campus. We definately would
have gotten in an arguement and I really hate when that
happens, I am a very non-confrontational person.

Business days... I didn't really have to do much for
business days because my scholarship pays for all of my
schooling but I know that my friends who had to go and do
stuff really had a rough time of it. The people that work
the booths are so grouchy and crabby. Thay all needed to
take naps! Plus, they inevadably confuse you even if what
they are trying to tell you is simple. I think they take a
class that teaches them to do that!

My favorite part abut coming back to school, well except
for the people who are here, is being able to come to the
HOuse. I am so glad that it is here for us to come to
because if it wasn't I'm not sure where I would spend all
of my time. I'd probably be a hermit and never leave my
room. I hope that the Freshmen realize how lucky they are
that it is here and come and visit it often... at least I
hope my mentees come here often.

Classes don't actually start until Monday but I am glad
that I had a little time to settle in before I had to go to
classes. I'm hoping that all my classes and professors are
good, and I learn a lot of usefull information. If not,
what's the point?