Full of Secrets
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2002-11-17 15:15:52 (UTC)


It is Sunday morning and I am really bored. I have nothing
to do. My parents didn't go to Church today so I couldn't.
I want Chris to come online so I can talk to him. Last
night around 9:30 it said that he was online, so I IMed
him. I said, hey what are you doing on so late? Then he
answered, This is his brother. SO I guess that Chris's
brother was online in Chris's screen name. Andrew's sister
use to do that. I don't see why they would give their
passwords to their siblings but maybe they have an atomatic
log in or something who knows. I always get this really
creepy feeling that someone is watching me. It really
freaks me out. You know that mirror in The Bueaty and The
Beast? Well it feels like someone is watching me through
something like that. I know it's kind of weird and
paranoid, but it still feels like that. Well I am going to
go sleep or something, Later!

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