2001-08-17 17:47:28 (UTC)

NoT mUcH

Well, I'm sitting here bored out of my mind wanting to
get into OpenDiary but it won't work. It is so annoying.
I've been working a lot lately which is AWESOME. I got
my first paycheck the other day. HeHe, it's the first one
in 7 months!!! B and I were supposed to go to the
beach with his parents this weekend as well as his
sister and I'm not sure who else. I guess his brother in
law and nephew as well but for some reason we aren't
going now. He told me it was because S and M aren't
going but I had expressed my fears about going
yesterday and now all of a sudden we aren't going. It's
just a little wierd for me. Anyways, since we aren't
going to the beach we are going to watch lil C tomorrow
for S and M while they furniture shop and then S, M, B,
and I are all going out to a movie or the Clack. Cnty.
Fair. It's going to be fun no matter what. I am in a way
disappointed that we aren't going to the beach but I
guess it wasn't meant to be. I had my reservations
about it anyways and I thought I would feel different
about it if we didn't end up going. For some reason I
can't help but feel that it's my fault. Oh well, I'll talk to
him about it and figure it out. I doubt he'd lie to me
though. Oh well. I love you B:). I am watching the
StUpIdEsT show in the whole freakin' world. They
moved Regis and Kelly 'til after this for what reason? I
have NOOOO clue. I'm mad but oh well. I got to see
Tim McGraw on the Today show, hehe. He's so hot.
Faith was on it too but not singing she just was talking
about her husband and the family and everything. They
said Faith has been on the Today show,
why didn't anyone tell me? HMM? Just kidding. I have
to work later today...I have one box that I have to put
together before 4:30 to get out on the FedEx truck but
other than that there isn't much to do. I don't want to go
over there because that means I have to move the van
and I'm afraid to back it up when it's in such tight
quarters. Oh well, I should make it. I was able to get it
in, I should be able to get it out, right? Oh well, won't
know until I try it. Hmm, I hope OD comes back online
soon so that I can post this in there and not leave it in
here too long. Well, whoever ends up reading this,
thank you. Have a good day.