my so called life
2001-08-17 17:42:09 (UTC)


things have been going okay for me. he called. we went out.
i gave head. i want it to be more than that though. not
saying that giving head ain't good, i just want more. found
some stuff out about my friends. they aren't getting along
(imagine that!) i'm not going to be in the middle of this.
i know when to hang out with who at what time (if that
makes any sense). "c" has been spreading rumors about "d"
that could get her fired. not that the boss would believe
her anyway, but still that's wrong. "a" has decide to stay
out of it. i'm with her. no need to put myself in the
middle. "e", "m", "n", "v", and "ar" went on vacation this
week. they're in mexico. not to sound mean or anything, but
I hope they get caught smugglin' drugs into the u.s. or
something. i'm just mad that they went without me. they