Seraphic Decay
2002-11-17 07:37:25 (UTC)

Lust for Life...

Given the standing of my musical tastes, Im surprised to
hear Iggy Pop coming from a CD player near me, by my choice
none the less. Next up, Pink Floyd, Enter the Machine...

Work is not so bad as always, today being much better than
yesterday. The night before last, my wife and I shared a
couple bottles of wine, one of which she knew to be very
good wine, Sebastiani 1998, and the other I simply thought
the name was clever, Seven Deadly Zins 2001. Turns out, we
ended up butchering both bottles with a lack of chilling
and oxidation. No matter, in the end, they were both
imbibed, and we both recieved gratuitous intoxication.
Arrogant moi, figuring that I've never been hung over in
all my drinking years, could survive a ten hour shift the
next day after a night of drinking. Just goes to show I'm
atleast half the daft bastard I appear to be at times. I
had the hiccups for over an hour and I was too drunk to get
rid of them, not to mention that I got them at around eight
in the morning when I needed to be sleeping. On top of
everything else, my boss of bosses, the pharmacy director
for the entire hospital was talking to my pharmacist for
the day, and I ended up encountering him. I was sick.
Yesterday was the absolute worst day of work I have ever

Life is going well for now. The household income for this
month will net around three thousand dollars, most of which
will be saved for the future purchase of a car. Im looking
at a '98 Honda Civic Coupe, for less than ten grand. Not
too shabby.

This weekend my wife invited an old friend from school
over. She is not a pleasant woman, her old friend that is,
and even my better half now recognizes the error of this
cordial invitation. After three months of living together,
we have a very high respect for each other's person. In the
most base regard, we treat each other like king and queen.
And so, with this visitation, there comes a half expected,
half denied (on her part), intrusion of abbrasively crude
etiquette. Outside our home, such things are to be
expected, but when they come inside, it seems to cross a

On a lighter note, I dyed my hair last night. Back to the
straight black that Im fond of. Without the dye, my hair is
an almost black dark brown, with a few blond highlights,
and if you look closely a few stray hairs of auburn and
gray. Multi-coloured fun, much like my eyes. The colour of
my eyes changes with the clothing I wear, generally from
steely gray with a tint of blue, to green with a golden
starburst in the middle. Again, only visible up close. I
scoff at my own meager vanity.

One hour left until this shift is over, and then I will
only have four more to work until I get my one precious day
off. Its quite difficult to work this much and enjoy the
time I -do- have off. Next month my schedule is downsized
to what it should be, thirty two hours a week instead of
forty plus. I work to live and live to work.

Well, time to count the narcotic inventory and then to
hopefully call it quits for the night.

Till later...