Relives Headtension
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2002-11-17 06:27:54 (UTC)

Mr Belvadear.. a leason to us all

The vacation did noting to mend my parents relationship..
so it was to be that get divorced.. like i said.. no big
surprise no big worry..i had other things floating in my
head.. my aunt lived with us still and my little brother
was the only man that lived us...the rest of my mothers
family had disowned her and we shuned by the rest of the
family.. They had loved my father and did not see why my
mother was divorcing him.. also it was aginst their
relgion to get a divorce.... i started watching alot of
TV.. it was my big escape...

I will never forget the episode of Mr Belvadear were the
son went to summer camp and the camp counsler made him
feel uncomfortable.. and he was afraid to tell... but at
the end he told... i think if i would of never saw that it
would of been longer of a time befor ei told my mom what
had happen on halloween night.. i was now 9 years old...
it was three years since it happen and now with all the
things going on int he family i could not bear to live
like a hermit anymore... That night we went see family...
again they shuned us.. we went home and told our mom all
the things that happen.. in the middle if this i mumble
that my uncle had touched me... my mom jumped out her seat
grabbed my sister and brother and told my aunt to talk to
me.... i cried so hard as i explained everything that
happen..my mother came back and just held me.. i didn't go
to school for a couple of days and my mother was gonna do
everything posiable to make my uncle pay for he did... she
had known something had happen and now the truth was out..
for the next 2 years my life revovled around school court
and therapy... thats all i can remember.. untill we
finally won our case.

i finally had come to a little peace with my self by time
i wa sin middle school.. i parents splite and got back
together all the time. Depsite everything that happen...
most of my worries were the pre teen drama.. ( thank god
an almost normal life... my mother one decided it was the
end of reletionship with my father.. packed her stuff and
moved..it was the end... we all knew it... she secured a
place for me and sibling to live and moved us in with
her... i ended moving back in with my father.. just me and
him and i can;t tell you how much fun i had beinging his
little girl. My dad doesn't cook.. he barbques.. so in
order to eat my dad either had to fire up the pit or egt
take out..it was like a childs dream. he gaev me
everythign i wanted and asked for i was the center of his
world....a postion i was not easly gonna give up...

while i was living with him he went to rehad and quit
drinking and his sister came to watch me while i was in
school.. he got out and i still the center of his world...
With the new sober super dad i was unstoppable.. I learned
alot about men from dad.. my dad would met a girl bring me
over to her house, have sex with her... and then sneak me
out early in the morning.. now some people might think
that is a horrable thing... i look back on those days with
the fondest of memories. My dad was a badass playa.
.. but that was soon to come to an end.. when my
dad met........my soon to be step mother... there
reletionship was the faster than corvette..withing two
months of meetign they were married.. i wa sno longer the
center of my dads life..... now i felt like an
obligation.. i know now thats not how he felt.. but i was
a tennager with you know...... those teenage problems and
thoughts.. starting anthor new school on my borthday was
the shitty.. but i made alot friends fast...they wern't
really bad kids.. just confused and self consious.. but i
had close friends now.. somthing i had never really had..

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