Journal: A days end
2001-08-17 15:33:32 (UTC)

Family Ties! oh how they Suck

Have you ever had family that you just didnt like. well that is 90% of mine. I really dont like them. they annoy me. they discuss me. And they make me ashamed of my background.

here's a brief synopsis.

my mom got married to "jim" and had two kids "keith" and "heather." she divorced him and moved to another town. thats where i come in. She married my dad "eddie" and had me. wow. now at age 4 she left him and we moved to las vegas with "jim."

still here? ok.

now i hated my step dad because he was an alchoholic, and an asshole. i loved my dad because i thought he was the world (little did i know). anyway. i ended up moving back and forth from texas to las vegas until i was 12 years old. when i finally realized my dad had beat my mother and thats why she left him. so now i didnt like him. but he was my dad. so somehow i ended up back in texas and i was going to school in 5, 6th and then half way through 7th grade my dad met a lady by the name "bitch" (i will post her number and address if you want to harrass her) she acted so sweet to me when my dad was around and then would hit me and yell at me when he wasn't. now i am the kind of person who would never hit a woman. but i will never let anyone treat me in such a way. so i told my father and he didn't believe me. so the next time she tried to hit me i grabbed her arm and looked her directly in the eye and said "listen, and listen good. you may think i am just a kid, and that im stupid, well im not. and i promise that if you "ever" try to hit me again. they will find your body floating in a river down south."

well she got pissed an told my dad that i threatend her so he got mad and tried to ground me and crap. but i wasn't going to take this crap. so i was never home. so what she did was get 4 guys about 30-45 yr old to threaten me and scare me. they had me in a coner in my own home telling me that if i ever threaten a lady again that i would be dead. so i grabbed the guys knife out of his holster and grabbed him and put the knife to his neck and said. "listen. i may have threatened her. but one she is no lady. two she hits me and threatens me. all i told her was that if she ever hit me again she would regret it. (note: i knew two of the guys in the room). two of the guys believed me because they had seen her hit me before. and so they said that if i need anything they would take care of it. i let the guy go and said sorry for doing that.

so now my dad and i got into an argument. (remember im only in 7th grade at this point and hes a grown man). He hit me with his belt which left a welt on my leg. i got angry and Punched him cold. He was out like a lite. mind you we lived accross the street from the police station. they didnt do anything because they knew what was going on. i walked up to her and said if i ever see or hear from you agian. that will be you on the ground. but i gauratee you that i wont touch you because ive got people to do it for me. watch your back or get out of town.

next day while i was in a youth church group, my dad pulled me out and said that he couldnt handle me and then he handed me a plane ticket to las vegas for the next day. he also handed me all my school papers, he had already pulled me out of school and got a transfer.

i got all my stuff packed that night and i ended up burning her wallet/credit cards/and all her important info. i even took the battery out of her truck and sold it. i sold her dog too. so before i left (instead of him giving me a ride i called a cab.) i said to him that i will never see or talk to you agian. you are not my father. i disown you. until you leave her, and admit that you were wrong.

Im 19 now and i have only seen him once. and only because i was visiting my grandmother in the hospital.

now i live in florida with my mother and step father. they took me out of school in my senior year and moved here. I am now working, to move back to vegas. i plan to only talk or see few people in my family (mom, brother, grandma, grandpa...and thats it.)

I have a lot of family in florida, in georga, carolinas, texas, utah, south dakota, arizona, and other states. but from all of my encounters they are stupid, ignorant, and usually republican and/or Christian.

if you didnt know i am an athiest, and i am an independent.
i have educated myself. because the school system wont. i will debate you on any topic.

little known facts: i taught myself how to write in print, and how to write in cursive (except for my name, my grandam showed me that) i have never had any other help, either by family or school.

I have read more books in one year than my whole immediate family combined has read in theyre life.

thanks for listening,