Green Leef Turning Gold
2001-08-17 15:21:57 (UTC)

Dear God, Please! Save Me From Your People!!!!

Ok this is my diary and I can say whatever I want...soooo
if you are really religious just click your way on out now,
before I offend you any further.

You see I say that because generally I respect other
people's beliefs. I don't push my ideas about other
people's religions on them, and I don't want them pushed on
me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH...I was raised Roman Catholic,
spent 10yrs getting good Catholic schooling, now I am a
recovering catholic. Thats right because I am going to h*ll
you say? OOOPS! Did I forget to mention that I don't
believe in h*ll?! Sorry I am not buying into that cr*p.

I was raised in the beginning to believe that men were
superior to women. Oh SURE they don't tell you that in
school when you are growing up. But, all the priests were
MEN (and yes I know there are female clergy in other faiths
but I am not talking about that because no one really takes
those faiths all that seriously. And name one christian
church that is bigger than the catholics and I'll shut up.
And even if you can, you still can't argue my other points
to come...) We all are made in God's ***MALE*** image. What
a load of sh*t. Fact is earth religions that mainly
worshipped WOMEN goddesses date back way before any idiot
sat down and wrote the old testament. But you see the good
ole Jewish and later came the Christians thought of all
that. You see women pretty much ran things back in the day.

Thats right WOMEN...And see the power hungry men in the
name of RELIGION, took over, yea sorry but religion isn't
about GODs or GODDESSES its about POWER. Who can we
control? They just preach all that faith crap from birth on
up to scare you into it. I mean if you were raised in
India, and raised Hindu, do ya really think you would think
twice about a xian God? LOL! Of course not! Its made up all
of it. And now we got this idiot president running around
brandishing his bible at us. And I am supposed to what?...
give up my evil ways? (Oh and yes I am thankful to live in
a country that I can say the president is an idiot and not
be shot for it.)

Fact is that I am pretty good person. I think. And I also
think any MAN who wants to tell me what to do with my body
can go shove his opinion in the only place he seems to have
room, and I am talking about his big fat mouth! Ok this is
why I am soooo pissed off. I am sick of tired of people
sitting around judging me, and I am talking about christian
people. Keep your opinions to yourself! Whatever happened
to *JUDGE LEST THY BE JUDGED!* Ok maybe some of you don't
really understand your own religion, but I DO, I spent
enough time studying it didn't I? I wish I could just make
you all wake up and smell the bullsh*t.

But I can't and its your right to believe whatever you
want, and generally I am okay with that, but do us all a
favor and keep your religious convictions to yourselves.

Oh and do you think it would keep the Jehovas witnesses
away if I painted a pentacle on my door?