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2002-11-17 03:47:12 (UTC)

Standing up for Yourself

There is absolutely no talkinig to him. I try to have a
conversation with him but he is too close minded to what he
thinks he knows. I tell him about working as a waitress and
having to claim my tips accurately so that there is no tax
fraud, and the employer will not get in trouble. I tried to
lie about it and the employer knew, he even wrote in the
correct amount, and he says that is impossible. I DO NOT
know how he knew but he did. He in not so many words calls
me a liar. My daughter, being 4 years old, gets mad at me
and hides in her room with her back against the door, and
he proceedes to go into her room. He hurts her in the
process and says he didn't do it by opening the door. HOW
DOES HE KNOW??? was he in the room when the door was pushed
open from th otherside? He is the all knowing James. Need
to know the winning lotto #'s? I am sure he knows!! Yes, I
did get angry when he called me a liar. He has never worked
as a waitress but I guess knows enough of them to think he
was one at one time. That is GREAT that they didn't have to
claim thier tips accurately, and they had that much more
money. But I couldn't nor when I tried did it work. I threw
a pillow from frustration, and prompty dressed for work and
left. But I am the childish one. I told him that its a good
thing I had a child 1/2 him so that it will be 1/2 perfect
and not stupid like dear old mommy here. I am so sick of
taking his shit! I am sick of taking Catherine's shit so I
told her so. I tell him so and world comes to an end. Who
fucking cares what I think because like mom told me I am
the strong one and I have to be the one to take it. Who
cares how I feel because I am always wrong!!! I owe
everyone an apology, even though Catherine insulted my
child and unborn child, I still owe her the apology for
telling her to fuck off when she said it???? I owe him an
apology because I took his words wrong? I read you all loud
and clear and I have no shady perception, I have feelings
but how dare I tell anyone so? My children do not deserve
to be treated this way nor will I set the example to take
it.I have never hurt anyone physically or with such words
as Catherine has used on me, I am a bitch but not that cold
harted. When I lost my neice I wasn't suppose to cry, words
of my mother. My grandmother even told my ex-husband " I
don't understand why she is so mean to Krissy." I have not
done a thing wrong and I refuse to be made felt that I have.