Sporty Tomboy

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2002-11-17 03:39:37 (UTC)

good quotes from my book (since i have nothing else to say at this point in time...)

I wonder, thought I, if you knew there was a poor traveller
like myself gone astray, would you give him any help? I
suppose you would not, for as the old saying goes, the fat
does not notice the lean.

Now was the time for me to gather my wits together, to
strengthen my courage, and to cast under foot my foolish
thoughts, to rub the rust from my limbs, to lay aside all
childishness, and to go as far as the eye of a needle.

I believe it is in solitude that every machine and work of
ingenuity was created.

READ IT! "Twenty Years A-Growing" by Maurice O' Sullivan...
gotta love the irish novels :)

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