Full of Secrets
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2002-11-17 02:25:54 (UTC)


Today I went to the movies with Chris and Jared. We saw the
ring, it was really good, and it was kind of scary. In the
middle of the movie I took Chris's hand, and we held hands
during the rest of the movie. And then when we dropped him
off he gave me a hug! I just hope my dad didn't see that!
if he did he didn't say anything (Thank Goodness!). Ok I
know this is going to sound really weird but I'm going to
say it anyway, I love the way that Chris smells. I can't
stand it he just smells soooo good. I know that sounds kind of cheesy
but ya, anyways. I just have 2 problems with Chris, 1
he's short 2 His best friend Sarah. I think I can deal with the fact
that he's short. I have to kind of bend over to give him a hug and I
also can't lean against him when we walk together, and the whole neck
hurting from looking down thing, lol no j/k. But I have a major
problem with Sarah. First of she is the biggest prep: always has to
do good in school, does everything the "proper way", will die if
ever breaks a rule or a nail, and OH MY GOD, REALLY! Then there's the
whole thing with her and her dating guys. She dates these guys that
would never have a chance with her just to get a good ol' laugh you
know mess with their heads. I mean when we were at the dance she
would not dance with Jeff (who, at the time she was going out with).
It was like "He's my boyfriend but I'm so NOT touching him!".
went out with my friend Phil and did practicly the same thing (you
know the whole not touching thing). Phil gave her a dozen roses and
she got mad! That's just not right. She really hurt him. Phil has
this "theory", that I hope isn't true, that Sarah and Chris like
other. I really like Chris and I hope that Phil just thinks all that
because he's upset. Phil is such a sweetheart and I hate to see him
get his heart broken. It makes me so mad that Sarah would do that.
Why would she do something like that?, it's just not right. Ok
Anyways. After the movie, and after we dropped Chris off, me and
Jared went to Target. I was telling Jared about Me and Chris holding
hands during the movie (sigh) and Jared asked if I had held hands
with Andrew during Tuck Everlasting. I told him ya, because I did.
Then Jared was like ya Andrew told me he kissed you during the movies
too (which is sooo not true) And I just stopped dead in my tracks and
was like WHAT! Jared said, Ya, When you were breaking up I asked him
if he had ever even kissed you and he said ya when we went to the
movies we were kissing through the whole entire thing! That made me
soo mad. He's too chicken to actually do anything, and yet he has the
guts to say it behind my back. I think on Monday I'm just going to go
right up to him and slap him. He just makes me so mad, I could
scream, oh wait I already did. I was just talking on the phone with
Elyse for like 2 hours, we were three-waying all these people that we
knew. Last night we 3-wayed Phil, that was alot of fun. Tonight we
tryed 3-waying Julia but we didn't know her number so we looked it up
in the phone book. The first one we called was her Grandmother. It
was really funny. Her Grandmother like started freaking out. Then
Else tryed making conversation with her, like Hi! How are you? It was
halerious or however you spell it. Then we 3-wayed Sarah (not the
preppy Sarah but the Sarah that wants to be ghetto). We talked to her
for a whill, but that wasn't as fun as talking with Phil. We tryed
Phil but he was really sick and couldn't talk, either that or just
didn't want to talk to us. Last night we 3-wayed Chris I don't think
he liked talking on the phone with Elyse and me. Elyse kept saying
that she wanted to have Chris's baby. Then she gave us "the talk".
She said, "Ten years from now when you are nursing your baby, just
remember that ten years ago, from that moment Elyse told you to keep
your pants on. That's right Chris, I told you to keep your pants on".
Chris was like I'll be sure too. Then when we got off the phone me
and Chris were talking online and he was like, OMG Elyse is such a
pervert. I just said, ya but you learn to deal with it. Ok well I am
going to go sleep now. Later!

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