Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
2002-11-17 01:49:08 (UTC)

Ugh......I Never Want to Drink Again!

Current Music: 'Bartender' by (hed) pe

I never want to drink again. I was so drunk last night that
I could hardly stand up. I was supposed to be babysitting
my lil brother, when some people from my school came over
because they needed somewhere to drink. They'd walked all
the way over to my house in the rain, so I definately
wasn't going to turn them away!

I said to them that I wasn't going to drink, but, of
course, I ended up drinking anyway. I think by the end of
the night I was more drunk than any of them! I have never
been as drunk as I was last night. At about midnight I
started chucking up everywhere. I've never been so drunk
that I've actually chucked up, so i'm going to call it a
learning experience. Ugh..... It's about 2.50pm and I still
feel sick!

That's all there is to say.

I'm SO bored, the weather is still shitty and it isn't
showing any sign of improvement!

So yea, this sucks.

I'd better go finish my homework now.

Bye Bye