friends and lovers
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2001-08-17 12:10:07 (UTC)

special weekend

the week started pretty slow, i haven't heard from you in
weeks i wonder what could have been keeping you away for so
long, is it that we have grown apart or we bothe have so
many things to do, the last time you visited me i was busy
organising for my next gig, you stayed for a while, we
talked and then you left, it seems as though we are
strangers, once we use to talk for hours about anything and
everything now there are so many gaps in our conversations
and the silence is so loud i hate it when you go.

i wrote you a letter and asked you some questions like has
our friendship really changed you wrote me back and said
that alot of things change.

the weekend was wonderful you spent it with me and you met
alot of my family you were so overwhelemed by them and i am
so glad you enjoyed. we spent friday night going out to the
mardi gras you were so open to me it was as though we were
drawn to each other this weekend so much going on around us
and all we could see was each other a warmth that i have
not felt for a long time. we stepped away from each other
for some time and now it's as though the barries have been
taken down and the closer you got the more comfortable you
seemd i am enjoying the warmth of it all.
Saturday was an even better day for me and you spent the
day apart and you visited me in the afternoon you stayed
with me and then it was time to go home and get ready for
the party that i was having, you came dressed in a white
shirt that i gave you for you b'day and you looke so fine,
we spent the evening together out till late the eveining
2:30 am you drove me home and the night was over, but when
it was time for you to leave without hesitation you put
your arms around me and held me so tightly i wasn't ready
for it and the next thing we were in each others arm
something i have thought about for ever i buried my face
into you chest and stayed there for what seemed like an
eternity we didn't let go a sigh of joy as i smelt you
clothes and felt the warmth of your body. you kissed my
cheek and why did this have to end but we both know it has

what a wonderful end to the week

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