champagne supernova
2002-11-17 00:59:13 (UTC)

maybe its in the weather?

Well is it me or does it seem that everyone is just so
blah right now?? everyone seems to have a stick up there
bum about something and hey, i mean thast fine i just feel
so bad. i wish there was something icould do to help!! oh
well .. anyways so beyond the bad stuff... life is ok
right now i mean my grades are getting where i want them
to be finally and i must admitt i am so happy with myself i
never thought i would be capable of geting an a in math!!
woo-hoo!! go fancy!! so i am hoping i get my report card
sometime this weekend! also .. lets see whats going on...
hmm.... 34 cant wait to see him ... im
nervous yall... and i dont know why ..its sorta that
feeling when u were a little kid the nite before christmas
ya know? but i have to get my ticket here first since my
airline went out of buizness...*grr* but its ok im going
reguardless! so wow guys...12 nite is almost here !!! good
luck to yall!! u will by magnificant i am sure of it!!!!!
love u all!!!...* goingt to test my new ben nye*