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2001-08-17 11:21:39 (UTC)

Ill again

Well, I'm off work again. I was gonna go in but my
girlfriend told my boss that I wouldn't be going in, and
I'm not one to complain about a day off.

I've just been having a look at the stuff I'd written so
far and I kinda got the feeling that I may be giving the
wrong impression about my girl. So I kinda wanted to tell
you what I really think about her (not that I didn't mean
the other stuff, just I was kinda bummed when I wrote it
and when I get upset I only look for the bad stuff).

So anyway, I'll start with this morning. I didn't sleep
well, as usual, and my girlfriend got up first like she
always does. She had a shower and I moved onto her side of
the bed for a sleep. When she gets up I always move to her
side of the bed. It makes me happy (no I'm not a loon). I
dunno what it is about it but I like to sleep where she
was. It makes me happy. Makes me feel kinda safe for some
reason. Anyway, she came back from the shower and started
getting dressed. I always watch her getting dressed. Not in
a prevy leering kinda way, but in the kind of way that's
hard to explain. You know when you see something so
beautiful that you can't take your eyes off it? You don't
want to look away in case it disappears or changes and you
miss it. She looks incredable. And I get this every
morning, so I'm always happy for at least some of the day.

I'll say a little bit about her. She's a few inches shorter
than me. My last girlfriend was a few inches taller than me
and I really didn't like it. Dunno why, but short chicks do
it for me (not that she's really short, just a bit shorter
than me, you understand)!
I first noticed her at college. We both went to the same
college but didn't know each other. I'd just seen her
around and thought she was great, although I had no idea
who she was. She used to hang out with the sort of
indie/rock chicks. Cute chicks if you ask me, and she was
the cutest by far. A friend of mine had classes with her,
that's how got introduced, but that wasn't until well after
we'd finished college. (Totally another story, and a very
long one)
She has the prettiest face. I think about her face and
can't help smiling. Yesturday we were lying on the bed
talking about when we first met n stuff, and I remember
looking into her eyes and almost crying cause there was so
much beauty there. And as she looked back at me I could see
love in her eyes and it was amazing. I like seeing her when
she has just woken up in the morning and she smiles at me.
She looks so pretty then. I love it. She doesn't wear too
much make-up also, I like that (although it takes a bloody
age to put on!!!).
She's got brown hair down just past her shoulders, and it's
got sort of red highlights in it at the moment. She likes
to wear it forward, but I prefer it when she ties it back
so I can see her face. God, I love her face.
And she has a perfect body. Her skin is so soft and smooth
and warm. I love it when we lie naked next to each other
and I can feel her skin on me. I can't get enough of
kissing her all over, from her neck right the way down to
her toes. She really is blessed with a body to die for. She
always complains she has small tits but I think they're
perfect. They're so smooth and firm and feel incredable to
touch or kiss or lick. I remember the first time she said
she thought they were too small. We were having sex on the
couch in the back room at her parents house. I remember it
cos it was some of the best sex we ever had (in my opinion
Her tummy is beautiful. There's something about tummies.
They can be one of the most attractive parts of a womans
body, and hers is perfect. I love to lie my head on it and
kiss her gently. I love her.
She has nice round legs with an ass to match. I cant stand
girls with skinny boney legs which look like theyll snap
under the pressure of just standing up. She's not got fat
legs, they're perfect (hehe, I keep saying it but it's
true). Nice and round and firm, perfect to the touch.
When I knew her before we were going out she used to wear
sort of girly tops and combat pants, that kinda stuff. Not
girly tops as in revealing little numbers or ones that show
off her belly, but cute ones with slogans on the
front. "Boys hate me" that kinda thing. I loved the way she
looked. It was a kinda 'I don't care if you look at me, I
like it' look, and I really liked it. She now goes for a
more sort of grown up look. A bit more conservative I
suppose. Still with the flairs (gotta love chicks in
flairs!!) but with just a normal top or a long skirt and
shirt or something. I still love the way she looks but you
can definately notice a change. The thing I don't get is
where the change came from, and I don't like not knowing. I
guess she's just matured a bit maybe.
She also has every pair of shes under the sun, and we're
off shoe shopping tomorrow. We've actually lost one of out
biggest cupboards to the shoes. But hey, I wouldn't change
her for the world.

She's fun to be with too. That was the first thing I loved
about her. We would go out to the pub and it would be the
most fun I ever had when she was around. Going to the pub
used to be boring, but then she was added to the equation
and pub = fun. She makes me laugh a lot. There's not many
people who can do that but she can. And when she laughs it
fills me with happiness (actually, sometimes not true cos I
know who she's laughing at/with and I hate it). She's got a
real cute laugh. All that said, just being near her makes
me happy. She's definately the highlight of my day.

Her cooking is great too. Although always too much! I do
try to tell her but I don't wanna sound like I'm
complaining because I'm not. Better to have too much than
too little I suppose.

Speaking of food, I'm starving so I'm gonna go make some
Hopefully that has painted a slightly better picture about
the way I feel about her. I thought it sounded a bit like I
didn't really like her, when in reality I wouldn't change
her for the world.

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