things running through my mind.
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2002-11-17 00:13:09 (UTC)


ok.. 2day was total fun i luved it.. wanna kno wut i did ??
i did absolutly nuthin and im proud of... i just sat
around all day and most of the day no one in my house was
home soo i was happy bout that to..! also im just in a
happy mood for a few reasons..!!!

today i was suppose to go to my sisters dance comp but.....
my mom could only get one ticket that made me mad i wanted
to go.. dance is alot of fun to watch for all those ppl who
think its stupid.. i wish i could b good at it.!

ok also... its kinda fun to kno that sum1 likes u its make
u feel good inside to kno taht sum1 likes u for who u r
yea.. but then wen u dont kno if its all fake then it gets
kinda gay and u dont wanna trust and believe ne one that
tells u nething .. and then u can miss out!

omg my power went out last night and its really ard to get
ready in the dark...... seriuosly u should try it.. i was
like walkin into walls in my own house hehe!

this weekend im not gunna think bout cheer at all...im
gunna wait till the last minute to decide wut to do.. i
dont want to hurt ppls feelings by quitin or make the coach
mad... but i wanna do wut i luv... and rite now i odnt kno
which one that is...

Britt... it will all b ok.. u can go a beat up fat and
nasty liar... cuz thats wut she is!!!... ill stick with u
the whole time..!... muah lul
jackee guys r gay.. sumtimes and cause all of our
problems...Rrrrr.. it makes me mad!! lol
kim.. im hopin u had a god day at work ha!
leslie.. im glad ur my friend, ur new ahir style curlin ur
bangs ha..lul!

neways...im a outy
MOOD: bored:/ and happy:D

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