*~*~* Krystalz Diary *~*~*
2002-11-16 23:27:55 (UTC)


k this is my 1st entry. I went and made myself a lil diary
here cuz it seemz like everyonez goin and makin online
journalz and diaries, so i guess itz just the thing 2 do!

Today i slept in till around lunch time cuz i waz pretty
damn tired afta last nightz dance which went betta than i
thought it would, but it still didnt even come close to the
dances in Mass. which are off the hook! Meagan and her dad
brought me to and from the dance so a thanx goes out to
them! love u guyz! Didnt do much today tho, got some
homework done and went to see Linsey workin hard at Big
Lotz, we bought a futon there for thanksgivin cuz we're
gonna have a full house that night. Havent talked to my
sista in wat? weeks! Well, thatz all... so ill write back
lata on...luv u all, call me or somethin if u wanna
chill :) *~*~* Krystal *~*~*