Broken Lyrics
2002-11-16 23:18:27 (UTC)

Puppies & Kids

Today he brought hom 2 puppies
They are so cute
He doesn't want to take care of the dog we already have
I can see these new pups are going to be on my shoulders
In the car to pick them up I had a horrible thought
I would never want to raise a kid with him
He doesn't want to have a kid with me anyway
But I am worried
I wouldn't want to raise a kid with him
I wouldn't want it to turn out anything like him
He is too irresponcible
He doesn't have enough manners
He is too disrespectful
And his son is exactly like him
His son is spoiled rotten
I couldn't and wouldn't be able to stand a son like that
His son drives me insaine
His son lives with his grandparents
I can't stand him because he goes unpunished
he doesn't like me because I don't cater to his every move
I don't let him do everything
I will not back down after I say no just because he crys
Hearing him wine and cry just makes me more angry
I won't back down because he asks again and again
Him asking again shows disrespect and that makes me angry
I could never handle a child of mine acting like that
I would like my boyfriend's son to move in with us
He wouldn't like that
His grandparents threaten him when he is bad to moving back
up here
He has never lived here since I moved in