Lizzy 8oP

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2001-08-17 08:31:09 (UTC)

Friday August 17, 2001 @ 1:04am

Dear Diary,
It's been a really long almost 3 months since my last entry back in March. Well many things have changed and some still are the same. Im currently not dating Brian anymore after a huge fight we had about a week after my gradutation ceremony, We are still friends and we talk to each other at least once a week. I did have another boyfriend about a month later and he turned to be some kind of obsess psycho! I really got scared, I hope I never go through anything like that after him. But I have been dating a lot of guys and this guy named Michael from school (oh I forgot to mention im currently attending a university!) and we have gone on a couple of dates, and yesterday he asked me to be his girlfriend, even though he is a really sweet guy and everything im still kind of scared to have a serious boyfriend since what happened with my last boyfriend. Well since I passed my Economics, Chemistry, 2 diffrent levels of Spanish, U.S History, Biology, and Goverment advance placement exams im currently a sophomore in college but I have to take my regular freshman english courses which I really don't mind. Im currently taking calculus 2, which is the hardest subjectI have and my second worse is physics .... ahhh ... I hate those two classes. I have been quite busy since I took a 3 year break to finish my college education, which is all Willy's fault because that little punk has a way of convinsing people other wise from their own desicion. I will be moving out of my parents house in about 5 months after the 24 of January (my 18 b-day) to a house my dad who passed away and my mom lived before I was born and my mom moved out after she married my step-dad. The house was left to me. I love the house it's huge, it was remodeled back in 1997 by my godmother who was also my aunt and passed away after a huge traffic accident. I will feel kind of weird living thei im moving in with my best friend for years Willy and another one of my friends Aimee. It's about an 1 and 20 minutes away from were I live in San Bernardino, but I will be living right next to my uncle in Palos Vedes, if you know where this city is at you know it's like a rich city type of thing which acually makes me uncontrable living their. Well im falling sleep on top of my keyboard so I think that means I have to go to sleep. I will try to update you on saturday or 2morrow to fill you in on what has happened to me in these almost 3 months.
~ Lizzy ~