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2001-08-17 08:27:33 (UTC)

Aug.17th another good day

no reason again thinking good going good. Heard from Pat
again today after the straight forward letter about his
mother from last nite who should really be helpping to
look after him he has done nothing for him all his life
just like Brenda always Michelle no one else the
privilegeged,because of ron no ofter reason not because if
love she doesnt know the meaning of the word if ronnie
could really see it she is allways up to some trouble
making . just like she tried that Feb. when he didn't see
then neither. She has no real concern other than someone to
look after her in her old age and she only married Al and
took Michelle to protect her and make michelle protect her
and scared of men she even got her to devorce much
more is needed to know ..then she tells ron she came with
me to the store to prtect me from being ripped off well she
never said a thing just stood in the background like a
ideiot.played it up thou with ronnie kept him up all nite
talking for nites on end.. when he is My husband and She
Abdondonded him....And it's my fault... NO figure..