pollen makes me sneeze
2001-08-17 07:47:28 (UTC)

lots of stuff...

lots of stuff's been happening...
tuesday was the BIG SOCCER TOURNAMENT and lucky me, i did
find long socks and shin pads to wear :)) the day was
pretty fun, we came third over all and so did the juniors &
seniors. we tied with kilbreda 1-1 and then we played our
lady of the sacred heart and lost 1-0. i didn't play the
first half of that game actually, before the game started
miss allen just sort of pushed this flag into my hand and
told me to "go be linesman." I had absolutely no idea what
to do so i was just standing there like a moron holding
this flag and the upire goes "HEY GIRLIE!! WAKE UP!! WAVE
that was embarassing.
near the end of the game when it was obvious we weren't
going to win, melinda and morella and sarah all just sort
of thought "well, if we're not going to win, we'll just
kill everyone." so they knocked everyone from the other
team down and half of them ended up on the ground all
bruised up.
it almost made me feel bad, but i'm over it now.
we drew against mater christi 1-1 as well. that match was
scary. miss allen told us we had to score in the first half
when the wind was on our side or we wouldn't have a
snowball's chance in hell of winning, and it turned out she
was right, sort of. we didn't score in the first half, but
in the second half when the wind was against us, mater
christi scored and we scored straight after them so that
tied the match.
it was really good day.
better then doing school work anyway.
yesterday i kind of lost it, but it wasn't really my fault.
i hate textiles. i just can't DO ANY OF IT!!
such a useless subject.
blearh. yukyukyuk.
i went into hysterics at recess, sort of laughing and
crying and screaming and saying things that didn't make
colette is really into psychology and stuff, and she thinks
i've got depression.
well, that's all that's happening, everything else is