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Shitty Life Of A Teen
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2001-08-17 07:40:52 (UTC)

bad day

well today was so sucky, im the only one here right now,
star had to go home and so did catelyn. we were at
christinas house and my mom started to yell at troy, i was
all fine with it cause well no one really likes troy, but
then he called my mom a fucking bitch and that pissed me
off and it must of pissed my mom off to cause she hit him
and he said that my mom was going to be the frist woman he
has ever hit and rased his hand ohhhh that made me so mad,
i got up and started to yell at him and told him if he
touched my mother he wouldnt live to see his birthday, i
went in the bed room with rayann cause she got woke up and
i over heard my mom and christina talking and my mom might
have cancer. she has these bumps on her neck and head she
gose in on monday to have them takein out and they think
its cancer, i sont know how i would handle it if my mom has
cancer, i mean i already lost my sister to cancer and i
cant even take that but to lose my mom, its going to be
hard. me and star and cately went to the park to take some
pictures, i got a joycam, and i got some good pics of us
together, good things i hink to have poictuers of all my
friends together and i think its cool to have pics of us
cause i never got pics o any of my other friends. my dad
might be leaveing here soon for another fire, her was gone
from 1pm to 11pm well im going so by peace and keep smiling