lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-11-16 20:37:46 (UTC)


a coffee hangover, that is. ms. trebasky, my bio
teacher, said i had one yesterday. i have a coffee
addiction...or caffeine addiction...or whatever. it's not

uhh i actually didn't stay up too late last night, but this
morning i had to go to the garage sale again...i've done
it all 4 ENOUGH garage sales for a few
years...anyway yeah getting up at 6 on a saturday is
less than cute. i came home at 11:30, washed the car,
and now i'm hunting for food and then (YAAAAAY!!) i can
take a shower cuz i have grimy stuff all over me. ewww.
and then nicole's thing is tonight so i'm real excited.
gosh i love her. ahh. yeah.

but i still need to get her a present...ahh i don't know
what to get!!!

ok bye