my own soap opera
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2001-08-17 06:22:57 (UTC)

August 16, 2001

Today was a pretty awsome day! Well it actually was pretty
normal but nothing bad happened so i consider it awsome! It
started off by someone phoning at 9 in the morning waking
me up but i never answered, and of course i went back to
sleep after considering i was up till 4 am the night b4.
Well anyways i got up around noon, yes bad me for sleeping
away half the day but i was tired! After hat i got up and
chated a bit on the comuter and watched a bit of tv. Then
gavin called asking for curtis but he wasn't home so i
talked to gavin for quite a while. Once Curtis came home i
gave him the phone and when he was done i phoned darlene so
she came over and we played a bit of n64 and talked. Then
i phoned jane and so me jane and dar went to see shannon
again at the indu-china pravilion. It was good again
becasue they have different shows each time! After that we
hung out at my house and then they went home and now i'm
back on the computer chatting. Tommorow's my b-