I am Jack
2002-11-16 19:03:14 (UTC)

The end of another chapter

Taking another break from moving today. I probably won't
write in here again for awhile , until I get to California.
Once I get there I plan to write about once or twice a week,
just to let everyone know how I'm doing and what I've done.
Last night I procrasinated again with the packing and
went out. My artist friend Tina had some of her art get into
a show called Disclosure at a UTD(?) Gallery. She's doing
some pretty cool stuff right now, a series of drawings done
on handkerchiefs, like prison art. They look like Mexican
ghetto art meets fashion ads, pretty cool stuff.
Afterwards we ate then went to a party at this girl's
house, it had a Greek/Mediterrainian theme going on with the
food and wine, and alot of people showed up in togas. In the
garage alot of people were smoking some form of hindu
tobbacco from this huge metal bong thing with a pipe coming
out the side. (like the caterpillar from Alice In
Wonderland) Smelled like burning apples. We had fun but
didn't stay too long, I had to get back anyway.
I'm glad I went, probably the last time I'll get to hang
out with Tina and Brien for awhile now. And it was partly to celebrate
Tina's birthday too. (I gave her a print from my latest
series of devil girl illustrations I'm doing.)
Another distraction is that I've been watching the 3rd season I
missed of The Sopranos on DVD I borrowed from Gary. Man, that show is
so awesome and cool. If anyone dosen't wacth it, I highly reccommend
it. It's as good as the critics say, and the 4th season has just about
lived up to the hype after being delayed so long. (shocking that they
killed off Pantoliano last Sunday.)
Well gotta get back to moving. My goal is to have all the
big furniture outta here by tonight..........