Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-08-17 06:00:19 (UTC)

PHONE CALL!!!!!!!!!!

I believe .... or want to believe .... that Chris has been
trying to call me. O man ..... I wish it were him and I
wish I knew. I mean I got the number on the caller ID but
it is out of area. I so want to call it back but if I do
and it is Chris then he might get busted. I am goin
to con my mom on letting us leave late tomorrow so that I
can see him before he goes. I HOPE! Well ......... as for
the rest of my day. It was alright. Went to have Daria's
schedule changed .... got our ID cards and got me a locker.
WOOHOO! Well Daria and I share it but I paid the majority
of it. Yes I did. Hahaha ...... nevermind. Well we went
back to her house so that she could get some of the 'green
paper' from her mom hahaha. And then we headed onto my
house where Michelle picked us up late (once again) for the
movies and mall. Hahaha but it is alright cus we saw our
movie anyway. Michelle and I saw 'The Others'. The movie
didnt scare me .... that fact that Michelle got scared and
almost jumped in my lap scared me. Hehe. Daria when to see
'Americas Sweethearts' and she said that the movie was a
waste of her "green stuff" haha. All three of us tried on a
dress in Group USA and I think I may found the one I am
goin to wear on Halloween. (Dont tell anyone but I am goin
to be a Princess cus that is hella scary. I dont wear those
kinds of things and if I do then I am out of my mind. Goin
to have the tiara {you kno that crown thing} and all
hahaha) O where was I. Hahaha. Okay well after the movie we
had planned on goin to 'Original Sin' and I would have a
sleepover at my house. But we cancelled that ...... we all
didnt have enough money. So we just went home. That is
where I came home to the number on the caller ID and got
the thought that it may have been Chris. Man I miss him
...... but he is coming home tomorrow ...... YAY! Well I
think ...... hahaha ...... well till next time ............