things running through my mind.
2002-11-16 17:45:38 (UTC)

ahh im in a super good mood..

ahh im in a super good mood rite now no one is home to
make me do nething around the house and i love being home
alone its sooo much fun i think..!.my saister is at her
dance comp and i raelly wanted to go bcuz after i wen to
the nationals it looked like soo much fun and i wanna b
good at dance.. soo bad...!!!! but of course my mother left
with out me soo im stuck at home..

i am also in a good mood just bcuz the last few days i have
had alot of tests like 7 adn i had to b studyin alot not
liek i got much done by watchin a movie and talkin on the
phone with ppl while i was suppose to b studyin.. but it
uses all of ur brain doin test.. and NOW its over!oo ya!
i think i did good tooi hope soo.....! i thoguht the lit
test was hard tho... so im not sure..?

oo yea i like it wen ppl like me it makes u feel all
tingley inside knowin that sum1 is watchin u and likes u
for who u r ... and i really wish i knew if it was the
trueth bcuz i really havent talked to the person just that
other ppl have told me about it... and im just takin there
word for it.. i hope i find out soon wuts goin on..

im happy its the week end.... soo i dont have to think
about cheerleadin yet.. i have 2 days where i dont have to
care.. adn im not im not gunna think about it at all. im
clearin my mind
whoa sum ppl r talkin to me i normally dont talk to kinda
o yesturday i had a soccer game we won.. adn i like kicked
the ball and i was kinda leanin back and i like couldnt
stop myself and just kept goin backwards and then i fell
for like no reason it looked like it was funy to me inside
haha see im laffin!! jk
kim.. i hope u have a great 1st day of work im scared with
u ok... lol were layin in bed together ow ow!...jk
profile thing

jackee it was really nice of u to help out britt jackie is
a fat and nasty lair... and i cant look at her the same ne
more even for just writin that down.. she is a actor!

brandy .. we wont die and im goin over ur house to b safe
lol ha....FBI!

josei thanks for tryin to help me make sum choices ur the
only one i feel like i could tell that would not tell me
wut to do put help me with them...
gotz to split.... muah!
mood: super... y ..happy!