ton o galaxy
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2002-11-16 17:32:29 (UTC)

coffee maker... on. Thank God. Sometimes it is more powerful than my
alarm clock.

So i am doing my early morning ritual of talking to my
online boyfriends. Checking mail. Drinking to much coffee.
The whole time dreading the upcoming work day.

Last night i had to drag my computer out the closet. It
was buried with a houseful of unused, random items waiting
for me to need it again. Now i no longer have to "wait my
turn" to write an entry in my diary, or send a naughty
message to some man in the ukraine. Ahhh freedom.

after diggin the computer out i got in a little tif with
my roommate. I might as well be fuckin him for all the
bullshit he puts me through sometimes. He makes me feel
like I am the one who has a really cloudy perspective on
life, but then who is smokin the spliffs....puff..puff..

Scene: other roommate comes home with my best friend. they
have been drinking.
I am both envious and annoyed. Not the best time to talk to
Mr. Paul when you are all fun lovin haha and I've been
processing for two hours. Hope my friend does'nt think i'm
pisssed, just don't try to figure out my life after you've
had a few okay?

I feel better. gotta love this online journal experience.

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