Nobody Cares
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2002-11-16 16:49:58 (UTC)

November 16th 2002

We looked at a house today at 9am. It was very small but
we couldnt afford the rent. And sense my parents cant work
we couldnt get it. we found out we cant get a house at
all. I really miss my medication and my boyfriend. Hes
grounded til his grades are up. It really sucks because
he's all I have. My medication used to make me happy. We
can't afford it anymore. We cant afford my dads
medication, or hes not taking it he was acting weird
today. My mommy was crying again. I dont know why but i'm
afraid to ask because I know I will cry to and its not
healthy for me to cry all the time, I have to be strong
and help my parents be strong. It's 11:45 Jusitn(thats my
boyfriend) might be calling soon. Its so early but i feel
like crawling in my closet and just sleeping the rest of
my day away. I think im getting depressed, I wish I had
someone to talk to besides this stupid piece of shit
diary. I need a cigarett. Im planning for college, I'm
only 15, but, I'v been thinking about it. Im depressed, I
need a cigarett. Kellys out of lockup today I think I'll
go chill with her.

Tchao Andrea

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