Nobody Cares
2002-11-16 16:41:16 (UTC)

Wow an online diary . . . what is the world coming to


I'm andrea,i'm going to write about everything
that happens in my life. My doctor once told me that I
should express how I feel in a diary because it would be
good for me. I usually write poetry but he said it comes
to easy for me. My life isnt the best in the world,
usually a family can say that love is what keeps them
going but somtimes everybody in the family loses it and
love is the hardest thing to obtain. I live across the
street form my high school. Im 15 and in 9th grade. I have
a mom, dad(step dad hes been there sense I was 3 and sense
my real daddy is a herion addict I call this one my real
daddy), and 2 younger brothers ages 6 and 9. I'v moved so
may times my parents lost track. I'v never really had
friends because I'v never had the time to make them my
friends. I gave up. I'm originaly from washington state
but we lost our house and left the state. Now i live in
michigan. I move to michigan when i was about 10 (I dont
remember the age because I try to block out bad things
that make me depressed)sense then I have moved five times.
I used to be a really nice person that would give away her
last piece of candy when she was a little girl. Now i'm a
little more careful about who I trust and talk to, people
are mean. My dad was recently posined on his worksite(he
drove heavy equipment all his life) He's still sick even
though it's been months. He went insane and was diognosed
with skizo and manic depression. We went through a few
months when he thought he was god and we had to lock him
up for a while. We haven't had income in a couple months
and we are losing our house. We are losing our truck in 5
days. With no money and no car I dont know where my family
of 5 is going to go. I just wish my daddy would get
better. He's not the same daddy I remember, Its kinda like
morning a death and having another kid around with no
income.Well thats my intoduction of my life for the past
year. Now for the day to day diary.