2001-08-17 04:52:42 (UTC)

The scottish guy!!!!!

Well tonight I have a date with a scottish guy. This should
be fun. We are going to the movies. I am meeting him at the
cinema. It is going to be good. He is a very good
conversationalist. We have spoken on the phone 3 times. He
calls me a lot. I have only called him once, but it was the
ice braker. So tonight I finally get to meet him. I am a
bit worries of what he will think of me, but I shouldn't
be. I have seen a picture of him, and he's alright looking.
He's got a footy players buiild. I told him how I see
myself...but whether he sees it too is a differnet story.
But this is a get to know you sort of meeting and we'll
prabaly talk for hours and hopefully we'll have dinner
ahhhhhh it's good fun. I guess I am over Stuart. In a big
way!! I hope so. He hasn't tries to send me an email and he
hasnt' rung. So maybe I was just a fleeting
fantasy......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh well.. Should I be upset?
Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am fine!! Still rockin' in
the free world!!!!
My snooky cat is going away tommororow!! Wahhhh. We got
busted having him in the flat. Whoops. but it is only going
to be for a little while. I am going to work really hard
and then I am going to pay off my debts and get a flat or a
house where snooky chook can run free. I wove my puddy tat.
I am so glad ruth called dave into work. That way I get to
spend a bit more time with the cat before I have to say
goodbye for a while. I cried about it last night. Snooky
just looks at me and meows and I burst into tears. It's
like he trusts me and now I am going to give him away.
Although today i dont' feel so bad about it. But today I am
just chilling. I didn't bother putting on makeup..I didn't
bother tiing my hair back..I don't look classy today at all
and that ok with me, because I am cool, and I dont' need to
be all posh to be cool within myself. I am learning.
I apploed for a 500 buck loan today and it will be
processed this afternoon. So hopefully on Monday I will be
500 bucks richer. Not for long though. I will pay the
electricity and give dave some rent. I also need to pay
harcourt. But I want $200 to get me through until payday.
When ever the fuck that is. This cashier job has got me
bitchslapped. I am so glad I rang them to find out what was
going on...they don't even fuucking know I don't think. But
I start on Sunday at 10.30am. So I am going to work my
little ass off and show trhem how fantastic I am. I am
going to leanr it all quickly and I will be fine.