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2002-11-16 16:04:24 (UTC)

How Depressing my life is!

Well, I am sitting here reading all of my past entries and
my life has continuously sucked forever!

My husband has really treated me like crap. What everyone
doesn't know is that since all of those 2001 entries we
have been seperated again and almost got a divorce.

I even thought he was cheating on me! He was hanging out
with this girl all of the time behind mine and all of our
friends backs. I am still not convinced that it didn't
happen. Things still just don't add up!

I am soooooo pregnant with Jacob and due in like 3 to 6

Josh is never around again! I just hope he is not pulling
his same crap again. Won't that be cute with two kids??? I
swear I am an idiot. like I said b4! I never learn!

I Hate My Life!!!!!


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