yesterday was yesterday today is another
2001-08-17 04:51:18 (UTC)

boring thursday

hello this is my first time ever doing anything like this
my close friend told me about it so I though would try it
out. anyways I really didn't do anything today all did was
watch TV pritty boring hu that was only until I went to the
movies at 4:35pm I went with my good friend dar and we saw
our friend leon there he is such a cutie dar said that he
said he liked me but I don't think I would dat him plus I
have a man althought I haven't seen or talked to him in
like two weeks I miss him alot although our relationship is
not to great right now,hopefully it willget better anyways
after the movies I went right to choir practice I hate it
so much it is so boring but I go anyway every thursday and
that was my thursday ayways I hope I will hae more to write
tomorrow but I have to go now