starry nite

my own world
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2002-11-16 15:58:14 (UTC)

fri. nite.....friends show

last nite shaun and steves band, and another band had a
show. i was miserable there, i really did not want to be
there, but when it was over and i got to talk to some of
the people i was happy. i got to talk to shaun, and said we
had to hang out sometime soon, and he was like, yeah
definatly what are you doing tonite...but, i couldnt hang
out cut it was after midnite then, and i had to bring tara
home b/c she hadto get up early for work, and she was
staying at my house last nite. i gotta call sometime soon
so we can hang out. i got to talk to ian and paul for a few
minutes, and josiah. which was cool cuz they are all great.
geoff and jasmine were there too which was fun. but kayl
and steve were there and they just irritated me to no end,
and a lot of other people from waterville were there that i
dont like. they are very fake. before the show we went to
the mall. that was...interesting. i saw a lot of people i
knew. this one kid from w'ville yelled across to where i
was sitting and asked if i was going to the show,and i said
yeah and hhe was like awesome, ill see ya there....i dont
realy know why he was hapy i was going. i rarely talk to
the kid, we arent really friends. hes nice, we've just
never hung out. then i saw Jason, this kid my brother is
friends with. he went over to me and tapped me on the
shoulder and was like Hey!! and i had no idea who it was,
but sstarted talking to him anyway, cuz im friendly when
people are nice to me. after a few min. i realized who it
was. he was like "wheres your b/f" and i was like "well, i
dont have one," and he was like " what are you
doing tonite?....." the kids weird. hes always been really
nice to me, but is always hitting on me....i hate guys like
that. no one wants me, but people always hit on him....i
dont get it. anyway there were these 3 huge fights in the
mall and they ended up closing the mall early b/c of
it...that was many people running to see it, like, people are dumb. well i was depressed most
the weekend, but running into lots of people i know
helped....and hanging out with tara did too. helps to at
least ignore my problems, which seems to be the only way to
end it.

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