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2002-11-16 15:52:51 (UTC)

Day 1- November 16, 2002 9:32 AM C.S.T.

Well well well.. it's my first day of writing in my journal
woo hoo!! Lets just see how long I keep writing in this.
Knowing me I will probably get bored with it in the first
week.. but who knows? Anyway, I will get into whats
currently going on in my life... A BIG NOTHING! Living in
Birmingham Alabama pretty much ensures that theres A BIG
NOTHING in life. I mean, I guess things could be a lot
worse, and my life isnt bad by far, but it's just a hella
boring here. I mean going over to friends houses, the
mall, movies, and 1 or 2 clubs that I can actually get
into gets very old after a while. And being around the same
types of people all day.. it just gets old. There are 2
types of people here.. you go you're rednecks who are into
lifted trucks with big rebel flags hanging in the rear
window driving down the road pimpin' to some good ole Hank
Williams Jr. and who wear Dale Earnhardt caps.. Then you
got your prep scene.. The bitchy girls wearing their long
coat things and the boys wearin abercrombie with the same
hairstyle walkin around like theyre bad as hell. Well I
guess there's 3 groups.. the third being the NORMAL people
which I guess is where I fit in! I dunno, there just isnt
anything here.. I've been looking for another job.. im
currently doing the difficult labor of smoothie making.. Oh
the torture I go through for ten grouling hours a week!
Ive been on 6 interviews and faxed my resume into about 20
places, of which Ive only heard back from 8 of them.. It
just sucks and is frustrating because I am actually trying
and putting in effort for once. Im just tired of sitting
on my arse.. By looking at what I just wrote it looks as if
I am a big pesimist.. which isnt the case. Im very
optimistic. Anywho, moving on. Today is Saturday and I
have no Idea what I am gonna do today. Its supposed to be
cold and it looks like its gonna rain so ill prolly be
confined to doing something indoors. I guess I could do
something constructive like cleaning out the garage like
Ive been needing to do. I have this airport set.. model
airport set and I am building a 12' X 4' table for it to go
on.. its gonna be the bomb digity... Im going to have the
terminal and planes and hangers and ground equipment, and
cargo facilities and everything an actual airport consists
of on this big table with runways!! Im really into
aviation.. I wanna be a commercial airline pilot some day..
lol i know Im a nerd. Yep Im gonna be Captain Trent
Pickle.. Imagine.. some day you might be flying somewhere
and you see me... Captain Trent Pickle.. with red, blue,
silver, white, orange tipped spiked hair flying your plane.
Oh how comftorable that will probably make you feel! I
dread having to hear myself give the announcements...
**beep** "This is Captain Trent PICKLE and on behalf of
our flight deck crew we would like to welcome you aboard
with us today.. Right now we are currently number 7 for
take off so we should be in the air within the next 10
minutes. So just sit back and enjoy your flight.. Flight
Attendants please prepare the cabin for departure.."
I HATE my last name. It doesnt sound good with anything,
ya know? LOL why couldnt my name be smith or jones?
something that goes good with any title and sounds decent!
I mean PICKLE.. who the hell came up with that last name?!
Lol, I dunno.. I guess its what makes me "me"... It's
different, but I guess I like being a little different.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed todays log and hope you enjoy the
logs to come!

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