Anand Bose

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2002-11-16 15:18:44 (UTC)

Hymn to Demeter and Pluto----

happy to be initiated through sensate with a music of

touch in every impulse as finding the new and being being

able to feel the pulse, effort and humour of how the

Civilized progressed to make its rendezvous in signs.

I am able to see the effect of the Aristotelian message

as being sincere enough to be candidate to be in reception

of the images coming to senses.

Even the very signature as me through I express the

affirmation of my self received this kathexical


From the erotic energy of cycles to the vertical etch

of the fascination of the gothic and reverb of gentle

soul of seeing a circle....I have again grown to

to see a changing form .....of seeing me merge my lines

without being conscious to the inherent archetypes

involved....And I discovered that my possession of the

Self ..or my (dasein) of the letter came to incorporate

the sacred and secret leitmotif --(UROBRO) and also Mama

Demeter as seen in an expression: meaning breakthtrough....

I am happy to be seeing the consciousness through

a recognition of the forces of that ‘breakthrough’

uncovering the meaning to a form of magic

creating an expression music. There’s a smiling

humour to be light as day and dark as night and enjoy

the spirit in ecstasy …in succumbing….

Even when I had to go through the process

Of acquiring my marklists again as I had lost it ….little
did I

Know that …the Demetric element of initiation

Would be replace me as a self and me as a signature…

In Eleunuseus ----- “the beggar has a brother or sister as
a King or Queen”