Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-17 04:29:43 (UTC)

And the odd twist of events occur

CarpeDrkDelirium: what? what do you want?
EvilLordDan: i thought i was getting the silent treatment
CarpeDrkDelirium: no, i dont talk on aol, you should know
EvilLordDan: i don't
EvilLordDan: you use whatever name you want
CarpeDrkDelirium: mostly aim
CarpeDrkDelirium: and i though you didnt want to talk to
EvilLordDan: generally
EvilLordDan: i was wrong
CarpeDrkDelirium: you were wrong about what?1
EvilLordDan: everything
CarpeDrkDelirium: what? going out with me? talking to me?
here is some salt dan, rub it in this cut right here!
^^points to heart^^
EvilLordDan: not going out with you the not wanting to talk
to you part
CarpeDrkDelirium: ohh.. well i am surprised at that
EvilLordDan: what
CarpeDrkDelirium: i am surprised
EvilLordDan: that i admited i was wrong
CarpeDrkDelirium: no, that you think you were wrong
EvilLordDan: i don't think i know
CarpeDrkDelirium: i am sorry to hear that
EvilLordDan: why
CarpeDrkDelirium: because, you had to say you were wrong, i
know how bad that must hurt
EvilLordDan: not really because i am wrong
CarpeDrkDelirium: still, it must feel wrong to you to admit
that you were wrong
EvilLordDan: i didn't know that you cared for me as much as
you did
CarpeDrkDelirium: how do you know how much i cared about
CarpeDrkDelirium: you are not me, you are not in my head!
EvilLordDan: well i get the idea from you journal unless i
am wrong again and that would make this break up totally
CarpeDrkDelirium: ohh, okay
EvilLordDan: am i wrong
EvilLordDan: because i will say it again if i am
CarpeDrkDelirium: i dont know, i dont know anything any
more, all i know is that i cared, like i did a while ago,
and i got hurt, i opened up to 3 people after being single
for 7m months cause i though they cared and befor the seven
months, i cared about someone who broke it off with me... i
dont know how i feel right now, other than insane and
pissed off
EvilLordDan: as i figured
CarpeDrkDelirium: how would you fel if you were me?
CarpeDrkDelirium: and y exactly were you reading my journal?
EvilLordDan: it was in your profile so i figured what the
CarpeDrkDelirium: y were you reading my profile? you wanted
nothing to do with me
EvilLordDan: do ytou not want me to talk to you because i
can do it if you want me to
CarpeDrkDelirium: i am just not understanding you
EvilLordDan: well i don't either so we are atleast on the
same page kind of
CarpeDrkDelirium: kind of
EvilLordDan: well yes to say the truth
CarpeDrkDelirium: what?
EvilLordDan: i am not sure what is going through your head
so no weare not on the same page
CarpeDrkDelirium: then why did you say yes
CarpeDrkDelirium: and i dont know exactly whats going on in
EvilLordDan: not much to tell the truth
EvilLordDan: that was a fucking stupid move i made
EvilLordDan: i have one question for you
CarpeDrkDelirium: whats that
CarpeDrkDelirium: did you read what i wrote today?
EvilLordDan: why did you stay with me when your friends
told you to break up with me?
EvilLordDan: yes i did
CarpeDrkDelirium: why, cause i thought you cared and just
wanted to be with friends, i though you were giving me my
space to be with matt for his last few days, i thought you
cared about me, and i though i was starting to fall in
love.... i dont know!
EvilLordDan: starting
CarpeDrkDelirium: you can love someone, like i did you,
which i dont use that term alot and mean it, but falling in
love means alot!
EvilLordDan: i don't see the difference
CarpeDrkDelirium: to me there is
EvilLordDan: i didn't know that
CarpeDrkDelirium: i told you that on the phone once
CarpeDrkDelirium: but i guess you didnt hear or listen
EvilLordDan: in my mind there isn't
CarpeDrkDelirium: isnt wht? a phone conversation?
EvilLordDan: no love and caring
CarpeDrkDelirium: there is no love and caring in your mind?
EvilLordDan: no only love
EvilLordDan: that is what i mean
CarpeDrkDelirium: there is no love in your mind?
CarpeDrkDelirium: you dont love?
CarpeDrkDelirium: that explains it!
EvilLordDan: wow you twisted that totally wrong
CarpeDrkDelirium: then tell me whats right
EvilLordDan: i see love and caring as the same thing
CarpeDrkDelirium: i think they go hand in hand but i think
there are different levels that you can love and care at
EvilLordDan: i agree and that is what got me you were
caring while i was loving
CarpeDrkDelirium: no i was loving, and caring, but you
didnt see it, you dont see it the same as i do
EvilLordDan: apparently
CarpeDrkDelirium: :-
EvilLordDan: would you meet me for lunch
EvilLordDan: tomarrow
CarpeDrkDelirium: does this mean we CAN be friends?
EvilLordDan: with luck maybe more
EvilLordDan: or time
CarpeDrkDelirium: time
EvilLordDan: is that a question or a choice
CarpeDrkDelirium: we will talk about it tomorrow i suppose
EvilLordDan: meet me at wegmans that way if you get mad you
can walk home
CarpeDrkDelirium: okay, it will give me some exersize,
becaue going to lunch with you i am missing out on my trip
to the y
EvilLordDan: are you walking ar should i pick you up
CarpeDrkDelirium: dont matter
EvilLordDan: your choice
CarpeDrkDelirium: i hate making small petty choices, you
know this!
CarpeDrkDelirium: y make me make them?!?!?
EvilLordDan: because you must
CarpeDrkDelirium: y?
CarpeDrkDelirium: i make the important ones
EvilLordDan: if we have to change this has to be one of
your changes
CarpeDrkDelirium: y! y! you do too, cuase you dont like
making decisions either!
CarpeDrkDelirium: what time?
EvilLordDan: when do you usually eat lunch?
EvilLordDan: i must warn you i have to be home by 4
CarpeDrkDelirium: i dont eat lunch!
EvilLordDan: 12 sharp
CarpeDrkDelirium: unless i have to, and then its when i get
EvilLordDan: at least i am giving you a chance to make a
scene in public
EvilLordDan: if you must
CarpeDrkDelirium: am i like anyother girl?
CarpeDrkDelirium: i dont need to, if i wanted to make a
scene it would be with you and fire
EvilLordDan: what
CarpeDrkDelirium: just to warn you
EvilLordDan: ok then noon it is
EvilLordDan: no later
CarpeDrkDelirium: most girls must make scenes with the
crying and all, but mine wouldnt be a scene it would be
bad, with fire
CarpeDrkDelirium: where at wegmnas
EvilLordDan: yes wegmans
EvilLordDan: am i picking you up or not
CarpeDrkDelirium: sure
EvilLordDan: which
CarpeDrkDelirium: the first one, i am sorry, i am going
through one of my dads moments
EvilLordDan: i see
CarpeDrkDelirium: sorry
EvilLordDan: your friends are going to be pissed at you
CarpeDrkDelirium: my firends will not cause they know i am
a big girl, but right now, they are really pissed at you
EvilLordDan: but we are not people to be influenced by
CarpeDrkDelirium: i never was
EvilLordDan: good
CarpeDrkDelirium: i dont know if it is good or bad, but its
me and thats all i can be
EvilLordDan: that is the only way to be
CarpeDrkDelirium: i suppose
CarpeDrkDelirium: not all would agree though
EvilLordDan: why did they hate me as much as the do
CarpeDrkDelirium: because you werent even human enough to
be my friend, and you hurt me!
EvilLordDan: was i just lately or has it been that way from
the start
CarpeDrkDelirium: lately
CarpeDrkDelirium: and dibble... if i were you, i wouldnt
talk to her right now
CarpeDrkDelirium: she is not very hapy with you
CarpeDrkDelirium: she said worse about you than i
EvilLordDan: hahahaha she imed me today
CarpeDrkDelirium: rewally!
CarpeDrkDelirium: typos sucl
CarpeDrkDelirium: suck!!!^^^^
CarpeDrkDelirium: was she plesent?
EvilLordDan: i didn't talk to her
EvilLordDan: when did she find out
CarpeDrkDelirium: a while ago
EvilLordDan: right after it happened
CarpeDrkDelirium: pretty much
EvilLordDan: i see
EvilLordDan: i haven't told anyone
CarpeDrkDelirium: she was one of the people that said dump
your sorry pathetic ass
EvilLordDan: figures is she still seeing joel
CarpeDrkDelirium: yes and they are very happy and she just
passed her driving test today
EvilLordDan: wow
CarpeDrkDelirium: what?
CarpeDrkDelirium: em got her licence too
EvilLordDan: huh everybody is getting that little thing
CarpeDrkDelirium: not me
EvilLordDan: i klnow
CarpeDrkDelirium: :-
EvilLordDan: you should get it
CarpeDrkDelirium: uhh yeah
CarpeDrkDelirium: soon
EvilLordDan: sure
CarpeDrkDelirium: i got to do what i love the other day
EvilLordDan: which is
CarpeDrkDelirium: i am so happy right now, and i am not
sure why
CarpeDrkDelirium: fixing cars
EvilLordDan: why are you happy
CarpeDrkDelirium: i dunno
EvilLordDan: is it because of me or no
CarpeDrkDelirium: i dunno , i just feel happy, i think its
a swirl of all kinds of different reasons
EvilLordDan: what reasons
CarpeDrkDelirium: car friends all kinds of thing
CarpeDrkDelirium: you fall in with friends
CarpeDrkDelirium: and today is may daddis b-day
EvilLordDan: did he find a job
CarpeDrkDelirium: no not yet
EvilLordDan: ok i will see you tomarrow at noon
CarpeDrkDelirium: okay
EvilLordDan: bye
CarpeDrkDelirium: see ya
EvilLordDan: bye
CarpeDrkDelirium: ta ta