le soleil et la lune
2001-08-17 04:19:06 (UTC)

I knew it

Ok, I'm really tired, but I felt like I wouldn't be able to
sleep if I didn't get this out of my system.

I knew when the feelings initially popped up around
Christmas that I should try to push them into the dark
abyss. So I tried, I started dating David. And that
worked for a while. But they came back again. And I tried
with all my might to get rid of them but I knew that it was
useless. I knew that I was just going to end up hurting
(not intentionally of course), and that I had already
passed this up. Of course, your heart doesn't listen to
reason and has to go and be a bitch and let you feel things
that are going to end up being disappointing. And what do
you know, but logic and reasoning were right, and I feel
the need to remove my heart from my chest and beat some
sense into it, b/c my brain was right, and my heart set me
up for a fall. I guess it's a lesson in humility. And in
the fact that things change. Oh well, time to move on.
hmm, I could always give Zach and chance!!!!kidding I
guess my guy sabatical was good idea. I might stick to it
for longer than I planned.