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2002-11-16 10:16:07 (UTC)

Its all coming back to me now

Guess what??'
They`re all comming back to me now, how come??
Remember what I wrote about Miguel yesterday, oh well, Im
at my work, chatting on the net and guess who came to say
hi, Im in shock, here`s our conversation.

S* : hi..
Me: hello
S*: what you`re doning?
Me: Im working, and you?
S*: shecking my mail before I`ll go to sleep
Me: partying yesterday? (it was 09.40 am where I was and
08.40 where he was..)
S*: not to much, Im living up side down for the moment
Me: up side down?
S* : sleep at day tome and be awake at night
S* can do a little bit more work at night time
Me: ah, a night person, hehe, how is school when you`re
sleeping at daytome then?
S*:pretty much good, dont have more the 11 hours off
classes and nothing on fridays so it happends that we turn
the hours up side down, in the end of the week.
Me: anything new since last time?
S*: pretty much no
S*: with you then
Me: nothing big
Me: I see there have finaly been coming pictures at you`re
web site agen;-)
S*: yeah, me and a friend put out some pictures last
weekend.. cant say that we have been taking a lot of
pictures or posting them at our site this year
Me: no, but its better now
S*: at least a bit
Me: oh yeah
Me: are you gonna be in xxx (the cuntry where he lives
whan he`s at school) on new years eve?
S*: why do you ask about that?
Me: just wondering, I was there three weeks ago and liked
it a lot
S*: no I`ll be in norway on new years eve...
S*: I was in London three weeks ago
Me: was it fun?
S*: awsome, the only thing I got to see was Wembly from
outside the train station, the rest I was to drunk to
Me: lol
S*: what was you doing here then?
Me: mini cruise thing, shopping mostly but also going out
in town, we was there only in about 24 hours.
S*: we where actually out on Friday three weeks ago and
went to London Satturday.
Me: hmm, I think it was the 25. we where out on Friday to
S*: where then?
Me: dont remeber all the name`s now, a 3 or 4 diffrent
clubs, also baja becah club the big one, but we diddnt go
in since some of us were not earing the right shoes
Me: the other places was on the other side of the brigde,
one called Jonny`s or something witha a name in it ane then
a club far away from the rest with verry cheap alcohol
S*: k, we was on Buffalo Jones, the one straigh over Baja.
Me: the one on the boat?
S: no, streight over the door from baja, a cowboy looking
Me: we were standing outside baja so I think I remembe it
S*: I`ll think Im going to bed
Me: k, have a good night and sweet dreams:-)
S*:will do

Can you believe that??
I can`t. Its weird cause I said that I would not write to
him first before it was his birthday yesterday, hehe, but
that was my plan all the way, I would wait for him to come
to me, and if he diddnt then I would go to him, but not
before the 16. of December, hehe, now I dint have to vorry
about that one!
This is so typical for us, we could have been trught heaven
and hell and just go on like nothing ever have happend.
Then one thing; I said nothing big had happend, are Tommy
No, but he was about to break up with me or at least give
me a ultimatum this week but then I changed so that I didnt
have to, but he told me that he all most did. It was al a
misunderstanding anyway, he thought I had no time for him
since we had`nt seen eachother for a week, but I feelt that
its always me who have to ask if I can come to see him, he
never invites me, but thats because he dont want to nagg
about it afther thouse two weeks where I said no all the
time and beside that he have said that his home is my
home, he have been giving me a key and thinks that I will
come when ever I want to, but I want him to say that he
want me to come!
Well, I all most gave him the same ultimatum so what can I
Bad realationship? dunno...

Sometimes Im realy scared to lose him , but some times I
think that it dossnt matter, and dont think this has
anything to do with S*, cause afther all thats happend I
dont want to start a relationship with him, ever.

I know this is bad but I`ve been seeing that Karoline is
not okey for the moment, and yesterday she was on a club
for kids and I went into her room to find something, on her
bed table it was a diaray, I knwet that she usally never
write jurnals, normaly if she gets one to her birthday or
what ever she just write don book`s she read in it or
other list`s. But I picked i up and read a bit, my poor
sister, Karoline is even worse than I thought. She has
problems with our father and getting friends at school.
I would hate it if anyone found my diary and read ot ( my
book at home) but I usally hide it on sectret places so ono
one will find it, I would never put it on the bad table!
She got a small tv and a vcr in her room, a kitchen, and
sofa, sp its like a little living room, its the only room
in the house with a video player and its not her`s so she
people somtimes go in and watch. Actlually, when I come to
think about it she, Grace and a friend of them watched a
movine reight before the left to this club for kids where
she volontaries and at dinner I said that I was going to
wacth a Suprano`s wideo later so she knew I was going in to
her room.
Not that that is any exuse to read anyone`s diary, but,
maybe, just meybe she did it on purpose?
She never keeps a jurnal, there was not that much in it
eather, and I did not read all, but I think I have to go
back and do it,find out all her problems and help her.