for show and tell
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2002-11-16 09:47:56 (UTC)

Disorder, disorder, disorder!!!!

I went to see Harry Potter. Am I angry? Why, yes I am.
Hello. Harry Potter was nice; 'twas the Chamber of Secrets
this one. Truuulyyy... I'm... not angry... I'm... my
nerves are shortening as we speak.. I was hoping to be
alone tonight. But there's me father who I wish wasn't
here. But oh well, what can you do? The man who provides
shelter, warmth, and food has hot monkey sex almost every
night. What can you do, after experiencing it a few times?
Just... hearing it is enough for someone like me to be
sick. I took a shower straight fucking after that. Psh,
I'm sick of it all, truly. He's being a little teenage
boy. All right, I hate it, enough of this sickening talk!!
I'm so angry. My nerves are short, and LOOK! I'm listening
to SOAD. Things can't get ironically funnier than this!!