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2001-08-17 03:43:15 (UTC)

Irony in oblivion

Kevin said that to me tonite... we've officially fallen off
of the dating tree, and floated off into our own different
drections- straight up? I'm glad we never really became
anything, because falling out of nothing was easier. I
thought it was kind of ironic how we said we wanted to "get
to kno eachother better" and then we drifted further
apart... and he said "theres no irony in oblivion."
I got registered for school yesterday. I am almost
officially a sophomore! So exciting! I will soooo have to
get back to you tomorrow cuz thats the big CC run and
INSIDE PANTHER FB NIGHT! YAY! soooo excited. My ID picture
is semi good (better than other peoples.) I have classes
with a whole bunch of people I kno, and DUSTIN (what a
coincidence) is in my Geo class! OMG! we'll get to see
eachother every single day! Yesterday I was hanging out up
on the square with cait and mere and we were bored so we
decided to go get some popsicles from Lindy's. Then we saw
tom kyle and bret and we al started eatin them- then, as we
stood there, i looked over and in a silver car i saw this
guy, and i got one of those weird, take your breath away
feelings like i got with sean and johnny, i knew it was
dustin. He said that he saw us, and he said he thought i
was hot- hehe! YAY! anyways- so after that we went to the
coffee house and met these two really weird freshman. Sara
and Shayna- they were sooo funny tho. The whole night was
so good. Grady and Tyler started up a convo with me, which
was really cool, and I even got to talk to "my brotha"
aaron! YAY! i haven't seen that boy in forever! People kept
walking in and I would kno them and they would say hi and i
just felt so loved the whole night, by everyone. It was the
greatest feeling ever. To feel like you belong. Tonight I
bought a bunch of clothes from delias and alloy so i'll be
all set for back to school. Then cait me mere and mattie
hung out around town.. nothing special- just preparing and
anticipating the 1st fb season kick off- Officially a
sophomore... wow... maybe officially having a bf, its the
time for that ya kno - well i'm gunna have to
go get my sleep for cross country tomorrow.. big run.. and
even if i run or walk- and even if i'm last... i'll just do
it for me, do it to finish for me.