2002-11-16 08:25:22 (UTC)

Ramblings ......Rats!

*There it is again!*

Her head jerked up. She stared at the ceiling in
exasperation. From the noise emitting from the attic, it
had to be a huge rat. She turned on her side and stuffed
her pillow on her head.

Almost every night it had been there. Burrowing, digging,
scratching and goodness knows what else. It had been
causing ruckus night after night and she was ready to
scream her frustration out, hoping to jar the rodent to its
very bones.

Ooooh, she could just imagine it, the invisible source of
annoyance. The pesky creature with its wiggly pointed nose,
the round body lined by grayish matted fur and the equally
horrid bare tail on its behind. The nasty little paws will
be pattering back and forth, stopping once in a while to
allow its dirty, sharp pointed teeth to gnaw on whatever it
fancied in the attic. In *her* attic.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. The
rage consumed her and she felt like she was swelling. Her
head could have exploded with all that anger building up
inside her.

The air around her bristled and shook as if stirred by an
invisible presence. The tension hung in the air. The power
radiated around as the rage tore through her body.

Another burrowing sound and she snapped. *That does it!*

She casted out through the air and hunted down the presence
that had irritated her soul to the very core. The invisible
hads flew through the attic with vengeance.

The rodent barely gave a squeak as its jaws were clamped
down. Its tail, that horrid tail, was snatched up and
before it could blink, it was whirled round and round. The
pesky little head smacked on the floor of the attic at each
complete circle accompanied by a terrified squeak each

The girl smiled sadistically. She wasn't finished, yet.

At the last swing, she raised her hand slightly and the
pest fairly flew towards the roof. The tiles broke with a
sickening crack. A small dark object could be seen
silhouetted against the darkening sky. It arched gracefully
before hitting the pavement a block down with a thud.

Her brows furrowed slightly before she shrugged off the
matter. Well, she learnt something new. A rat could screech
all right if it wanted to! No doubt about *that*. She
smiled, satisfaction etched on her face, before snuggling
back under covers.

Ah, the power of telekinesis.