Anand Bose

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2002-11-16 08:09:09 (UTC)

Loin and Solitude

Wish to have a feel of a fill ...the poets call it pure;

the gestation of loins is calling mate....S ... The bodies

as they are seen ripe and flesh with Bacchian Ivy have a

dew of

being minds hearts space and freedom~~~

they are so stupendous or silly ...or paid or hired or

on credit as cards whores and bodies ...They are fucking

every where??

Wo wants them?? Who wants to see them??? their perfumed

100 dollar undies!!!

Lifless carrions of flesh!!!

Madona like, whores of heaven aneglic and

empty in the pinch of flesh...

Between the Maddona the Whore Singer and Jesebel the

angelic Jocasta..

Rhyme season body passion and lyric have the

fucked up freedom to be awefully intimate....

May be not...

Wo cares???

There Heloise in an old drawing ...the Ableard is


Was real and love!! Not in any books!!