Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2002-11-16 07:30:27 (UTC)

Enlightened and happier I have..

Enlightened and happier I have become...
Why I have to admit is because I heard what others said and
I listened to the answer that lied within myself...
I am becomming comfortable, yet I am not sure if this is a
good or bad thing...comfotability is not the best if you
arent completely vulnerable, which I'm not....and I don't
think I am ready to be yet...However I am ready to stop the
pain and that's why I feel so good, I mean it's not that
I'm better than everyone else I just see
things "differently" perhaps clearer than most..
It took alot to get here and I am nowhere near the
end.....I also know I will fall all over again but I MUST
through...THE ANSWER IS WITHIN ME! and every other person
holds their own answers...analyze youreself find out who
you really are don't just fall into a group you "think"
or "know" you like find out who you are and let them find

*Note people are highly intimidated and hurt by honesty and
truth, some can not handle it...they want us to protect
them they shut us out or call us evil, yet if we fall into
the game we are fine? sORRY THE GAME SUCKS AND i DON'T BUY

In conclusion I am SO sick of being the people pleaser and
it has come to an end so those of you who know me which are
none of you....goodbye

~Silent eyes

"prying open my third eye"
~TOOL (Third Eye)

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