ramblings of a madwoman
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2002-11-16 06:59:03 (UTC)

oh no! not backdoor sluts 9!

south park is possibly the only show to get funnier as it's
run progresses. of course, i never watch it on tv, as i'm a
terrible bastard that doesn't really care about upping
their ratings. hopefully other assholes actually take the
time to sit down and watch it as opposed to watching it on
the computer like i do.

so, got my report card... A, A, C-. Go-fucking-figure.
i got all g's though. show's you my mega ultra effort.

hmm... this will be shitty and cut short because i have to
work early tommorow and it is getting late tonight.

no news on the western front.

i bid you goodnight, my lovelies.