things running through my mind.
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2002-11-16 06:19:56 (UTC)

yea.... ok im lost!

ok today the team u made for cheer was posted and i felt
really bad for the sophmores that made JV like josie and
ashley but shes quiting, and then megan mahoney... i made
Varsity and the whole day ppl were sayin good job to me
about it and it just made me feel worse and worse and
everyone would b like oo u made VARSITY !u did soo good! u
have to do cheerleadin now, and to myself i was thinkin it
wasnt much competion to make it, knoin that it was only 3 other
ppl that didtn make it and that i was the gymnastist out of
all them and could do the most tumblin...!!! yea neways i
really like volley ball and i really wanna quit cheer i
tried it and i watched the tapes but i just dont see it
fun at all ...to me volleyball seems alot more fun.. i wanna
do cheer cuz i would meet new frineds or atleast ppl im not
as good as friends with soo thats good... but i still like
volleyball better over all.. and im not good at tellin ppl
wut i really think unless i can trust them...i also dont
wanna get ppl mad at me for quiting?! i think sum ppl just want
me for me gymnastic skills..
.... cheer is alot of practicin for cheerin
for other ppl playin the real sports not to b mean or ne

neways.. i did really good on my tests today i think... i
got a 28.5 out of 30 on math.. soo i was happy!i wanna kno
if for acro theres gunna b a comp class cuz i really want
one it looks like alot of fun and i dont get to compete in
ne thing.. soo ya!im gettin alot better at dance i think...
soo ya.. go me ! o ya!
oo and at lunch again today...sum of the Jrs were like yea
mike wants u carmen i was like ok?? sure w/e cuz i didnt
believe them and then zack came and sed he had a bet goin
with his friend that i wouldnt go and talk to him which is
gay.. i want him to like me but y cant he talk to me... u
kno... neways sarah is gunna find out from her bro if its
the trueth...
i hope kim has a good 1st day of work!

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