Lesbian bullshit
2001-08-17 02:57:51 (UTC)

All Hell Has Got to Freeze Over Before Anyone CAN cHANGE mE

i wish all hell would freeze over
i wish nobody could fucking tell me what to do
i wish nobody could tell me where to go
i wish my parents would stay the fuck out of my
i wish my mother was gone
i wish my father was gone
i wish everyone i dislike or hate was gone
i cant deal with anybody in this world, i cant
deal with anybody i even fucking know, i cant
love anyone, i cant like anyone, i cant even
fucking get to know someone without letting myself
blow up or go crazy.
i want to kill myself
i want to kill others
i want this world to be over
i want hell to freeze over
fuck me
fuck you
fuck everybody
fuck others
fuck people
fuck anything i can think of
fuck life
fuck death
fuck this pathetic world ive learned to live in
this intire nation can kiss my ass
the world is all behind me whether anyone realizes
this or not
its so easy to take a sharp object and drag it
across your wrist
its so pathetic to overdose on pills even in
reality your not doing anything for yourself
its so incredibly hard to actually leave a life
ive lived
but ill tell ya one thing
its not gunna be worth it to stay hear any
longer and live
all hell can freeze over
then my life can finally be over
maybe sooner