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2002-11-16 05:01:05 (UTC)


robbie came over tonight to pick me up, and with him he
brought two of the sweetest smelling roses picked from his
mothers rosebush (man, i love those flowers).

we were going to go bowling, but our plans changed when he
got sick in my yard. contrary to what that sounds like, no,
he was not drunk.

so, instead of going out to a place where the nicotene air
can be chewed instead of inhaled, we spent the night under
the (erhem) clouds and 23 or 11 airplanes that passed by
overhead. it was perhaps the most amazing night, excluding
homecoming, which totally rocked.

under two beige camille blankets in the backyard of a
suburban subdivision, a girl thought she was dreaming. i
really hope i dont wake up tomorrow morning to find out we
are still broken up. that would make me the saddest girl in
the world. but, while im still asleep, i would like to take
this opportunity to tell the world that I LOVE ROBERT SMITH!

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