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2002-11-16 04:59:10 (UTC)

a bit behind

I can never finish an entry when it's really long. An
overall view of my trip to Greensboro:
Well, first of all I was proud of myself b/c I successfully
navigated my way to my hotel & to 4 Seasons. I shopped
around a little...ok, looked around. They had a Light
Years store. I LOVE that store! Beth introduced me to it
when I went with her to Franklin St. I could've bought
EVERYTHING in there! I ate dinner by myself, in the food
court, with scary, evil janitor man staring me down each
time he went by sweeping. Grabbed some Starbucks on the
way out...yum. :-)
Got back to the hotel, put on the PJs, turned on the TV,
put a chair under the door (thanks Heather) & worked on
some hmwk. It's hard to go to sleep in a hotel room by
yourself when you've had a roommate for the past 3 yrs.
Ha. Speaking of which-my roommate, she's the best. I
wasn't sure the hotel's wake-up call would work, so she
called to make sure I was up. :-)
So-getting to Moses Cone was a bit of a challenge. Let's
just say I got lost, was late, & felt really stupid. :-(
It wasn't the most pleasant experience I've ever had. The
day was alright. We sat in on a team of medical students,
interns, physicians, etc & listened to their discussions on
the patients. It was interesting, and I enjoyed it for the
first 2 hrs. Had lunch with the P4s.
On the bright side...I got home with no problem. Yay for
remembering my directions!
So-this week was less stressful (except for the whole
Greensboro experience), but this weekend I don't think
there will be enough hours in the days. 2 finals next week-
drug info & top 100. Wow. Lots of stuff. :-(
Scott & I went to Sagebrush tonight. Apparently they
thought I was hungry, I somehow ended up with 2 pieces of
chicken. Scott wouldn't eat my 2nd piece :-p so I brought
it back. I made Scott go home b/c he wasn't feeling so
well, and I managed to get a load of laundry done, and a
little bit of hmwk. I'm going to try to go to bed early so
I can get up early & work...lots. Tomorrow I will no
longer be a Harry Potter virgin. (See the IM conversations
below....ha). I'm afraid that I will be attending the
Harry Potter movie with Heather. :-p

heather says:
harry potter virgin!
Kat says:
I am
heather says:
i'm a harry potter whore.

ERDrummer: by the way, i supposed I'd be a Harry Potter
fantasizer....since ya know, i only read the first two, but
really wish i could read the others